Gary 'Super' Johnson
Super Disco Enterprises

With over 30 years experience in the DJ-ing industry, Gary Johnson or "Super" as he is affectionately and professionally called, developed a passion for his job outside of the office. With this passion, came the establishment of Super Disco Enterprises; his business offering DJ services including Karaoke, Mobile Disco, PA System and Equipment Rental to name a few. As time progressed, when his two sons were old enough to DJ, they too were introduced to the family business and worked hard until this past-time became perfected and professionally administered.
Becoming a well-known DJ around South Beach on New Providence, Nassau, "Super" was made popular with his smooth style of DJ-ing. He also learned how to cater to the preferences of his listening audience. No matter if it was at a party, wedding, luncheon, rally, or other special event, "Super" never allowed his music to offend but to engage and excite the crowd. His DJ-ing style is never limited to one genre of music making him an ideal provider of DJ services, be it Karaoke, Disco or Mobile Equipment Rental. When hired to DJ at a function, "Super" is able to deliver services appropriate for the given occasion; with music as old as the "Oldie Goldies" to the most recent tunes.

As he has developed a "house-hold" name through his DJ-ing expertise, "Super" has built a positive reputation and a credible relationship with many business establishments and government agencies in that whenever there is a wedding, luncheon, party or any function that they want music to be provided for, they would request for the Karaoke, Pa System and Mobile Equipment Rental services of Gary "Super" Johnson.

So if appropriate music is what you request for your party, wedding, luncheon or any function for that matter, let it be known that as far as "Super" is concerned, "Your request is certainly his demand".